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me naam is m Paskelbta: 03:30:01 2011 11 03

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Valstybė: Netherlands

Lytis: Vyras

ehh, hardy bastards, they are, those aliens.

Where has the rum gone!?

Zerohours Paskelbta: 12:11:09 2015 09 16

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Temos: 287

Valstybė: Canada

Lytis: Vyras

I have noticed recently the Aliens are dominated by only a couple of players. The rest of us occasionally take some. I am wondering the what, when and why people take the Aliens or not? Eternal Light seems to take them when he is online and no one else is.
I only take them if they are under 5,000 on all 3 axis as time constraints are tight.
Why do you or do you not take Aliens? Do you feel the system works well?

I am here to help in anyway I can! Let's have fun!

Gold Rush Paskelbta: 18:48:37 2015 10 05

Pranešimai: 2966

Temos: 382

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras

I take them when im active if I have a partially trained assault close. it gives me points and helps train. You would be surprised how many assaults I have actually trained just by using them on aliens and players plants over 100k def.

A True Underdog


Cajin Von Sian III Paskelbta: 06:55:34 2018 04 30

Pranešimai: 66

Temos: 7

Valstybė: Angola

Lytis: Vyras

News update, Aliens have finally evolved from their OCD natured time focus and have moved to four random captures per day.

Figured I'd note the change here if anyone looking for info on aliens.

And to answer Zero's question, I capture them because it is quick bump up in experience and the points are better than SP training.

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