Temos pavadinimas: Farewell Professor (Labai svarbi tema)

Autorius: Iiridayn Donator

Tema pradėta: 17:28:07 2024 01 28

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Iiridayn Donator Paskelbta: 17:28:07 2024 01 28

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Valstybė: United States

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Late last month, Professor passed away after battling sudden onset late-stage pancreatic cancer for several months. As he has influenced many people here, it seems appropriate to announce his passing.

SkyLords Head Programmer

Spelled: I I R I (not irii, irri, or iri).

Force of nature.

FORTRANshadow Paskelbta: 07:02:10 2024 01 29

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I am very saddened to hear that, Iiri. I am truly sorry for your loss.

Thank you for letting us know.

nosferatu Paskelbta: 04:14:18 2024 01 30

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Valstybė: Lithuania

Lytis: Vyras

my deepest condolences

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MadMax1967 Paskelbta: 21:54:09 2024 01 30

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I'm so sorry for your loss he was a really good guy. :(


Vicandius Paskelbta: 14:33:05 2024 02 05

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Ah, sorry to hear Iiri, thanks for letting us know.

SuperSmithie09 Paskelbta: 08:02:08 2024 02 09

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Lytis: Vyras

Sorry to hear that, my condolences.


DAngel Paskelbta: 09:38:49 2024 02 17

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Valstybė: United Kingdom

I'm very sorry for your loss Iiri. Prof was a great person whom I got along well with many years ago.

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The home of SL Satellite and other great tutorials!

Volciok Paskelbta: 06:47:48 2024 02 26

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my condolences, He was a good men.

Tiernan19 Paskelbta: 13:09:07 2024 03 24

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Lytis: Vyras

im so sorry to hear that

The Swarm

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EL Paskelbta: 10:32:09 2024 04 24

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I'm sorry to hear of your loss Iiri.

I remember when I first joined back before the Professor took over as admin and owner. I was known as Tawny or Tawny32...I remember playing up the big one saying to Professor how I had a mass fleet of thousands of trained assaults deep hidden in the universe.. he humored me of course.

Could we make the planet at 0 0 0 icon image that of Professors Avatar? I think it would be a nice thing to do.

EL Paskelbta: 10:38:50 2024 04 24

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Valstybė: United Kingdom

Lytis: Vyras

yup. Tawny32-,page=2

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