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ZerohoursPaskelbta: 19:11:37 2016 12 12

Pranešimai: 2348

Temos: 268

Valstybė: Canada

Lytis: Vyras

That is why we are reducing planet counts :)

I am here to help in anyway I can! Let's have fun!

zyxPaskelbta: 00:13:47 2016 12 13

Pranešimai: 1965

Temos: 80

Valstybė: Lithuania

Lytis: Vyras

Or we can create demand for planets. Now i have 50 and i do not have any motivation or posibility to have more. So why attack? Just for points? As well any other players do not attack me because they simply do not need it. So defences are mostly useless as well. We can't expect any serious war because these limits. Any captured planed should be obliteraded or leaved, so we do not have any point to be active. Its simply boring.

If Fortune turns ass to you - kick that ass...

Cajin Von Sian IIPaskelbta: 06:52:48 2017 01 13

Pranešimai: 70

Temos: 22

Valstybė: Angola

Lytis: Vyras

Planet count is 54,260.... was like 53,990 last night when I went to bed, assuming all the non-playing newbs cross over around midnight on their 1 month anniversary- so probably 10 newbs, think Reaper had said that is what he had calculated was coming in each day on average... which means that even with no new SP spawns we are still getting 300 new planets a day, so about 9,000 per month, so with all the capturing I'm doing I'm only keeping the count level with a minor downward trend, but my activity level will probably drop next month as I take on life, so considering the number of planet captures I saw before I started back up, I'd say 100,000 here we come

ReaperOfSoulsPaskelbta: 08:21:08 2017 01 14

Pranešimai: 224

Temos: 10

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras

With this problem persisting it looks like we're headed into the permanent state of hiding among the masses that Iiri had mentioned years back.

Previous Aliases:
JR Scovill
Future SL Ruler
Reaper Of Souls
Reaper Of Souls2

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