Temos pavadinimas: Market imbalance (Paprasta tema)

Autorius: Svkirito

Tema pradėta: 08:39:37 2023 08 24

Pranešimai: 5 Paskutinis pranešimas: 03:51:40 2023 10 01. Autorius Alpha Code

Svkirito Paskelbta: 08:39:37 2023 08 24

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Wondering why the price of energy is so low while the troops are so high. As of now it costs 75 credits for energy and 249 for troops. But the vital is at 60. Has everyone gotten sick of burning vitals ? Or is it just Nosferatsu eating too many sp confederation planets ?

shaphan Paskelbta: 12:47:03 2023 08 24

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Lytis: Vyras

im responsible for most of the spc captures this month ;)
1. shaphan 2,841
2. nosferatu 475
its more people not selling any troops at all.
last month me and nos were close in points, going for number 1 slot and I think we bought all available troops :D

21:14:15 | Arcanix has been defeated by shaphan.

Shadow Stalker Paskelbta: 05:12:02 2023 08 30

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No clue

It's allways been my fault

Shadow Stalker Paskelbta: 05:12:57 2023 08 30

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Lytis: Vyras

Wow I really need to change that avatar lol

It's allways been my fault

Okwaho Paskelbta: 10:41:26 2023 09 02

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There are two sides of the problem:
1. Demand
2. Supply
Clearly the demand is there but the supply is not. Once a planet maxes out on energy there is no need for additional energy. So the excess either has to be sold or production shut down. With factories this requires removing them to stop production. If this is not done then all production stops. So it becomes cheap.
While troops are constantly being consumed.
There is also a third aspect and that is once a player accumulates enough credits- none can be added. So what ever is "sold" results in no net gain.
The fact there are so few new players no doubt is also an influence.

Alpha Code Paskelbta: 03:51:40 2023 10 01

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You shouldn't change the avatar SS it's been that for so long now it's part of you now XD

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