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Temos pavadinimas: Story line (Paprasta tema)

Autorius: Okwaho

Tema pradėta: 17:47:19 2018 05 01

Pranešimai: 2 Paskutinis pranešimas: 02:27:24 2018 10 02. Autorius Iiridayn

OkwahoPaskelbta: 17:47:19 2018 05 01

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I am working on a story for what I am doing.
The one I have come up with is this
I operate prison planets for more advanced civilizations.
Often these societies give into my care a planet or planets which are to be prison colonies.
But some times the prisoners escape to other planets.
The civilizations who left them in my care do not want them back. But other civilizations might want the space.
If the prisoners escape, you might want to make sure they don't become a problem for you!
Meaning: If a near by planet is found- they might relocate there.
I have upped my planet limit to 30.

OkwahoPaskelbta: 19:21:13 2018 05 04

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Temos: 20

When possible I will be relocating gifted planets.
It all depends on how much time I have for the game and availability of planets to relocate too. They will be far enough away to not have been a near-by. They will have a new name not associated with the player. This way they can benefit from helping add a new factor to the game.
Remember while I do score, that is not why I am here.
I figure it would be good for the game to have planets that generate more points then SP planets. Some have defenses, others don't. Some have warp disrupters, others don't. Values right now range from under 100 K to 60 mil.
So enjoy the game.

IiridaynPaskelbta: 02:27:24 2018 10 02

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I like your story :D.

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