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Temos pavadinimas: Bert (Paprasta tema)

Autorius: Bert2

Tema pradėta: 07:14:30 2016 12 18

Pranešimai: 10 Paskutinis pranešimas: 13:41:59 2017 01 09. Autorius Alpha Code

Bert2Paskelbta: 07:14:30 2016 12 18

Pranešimai: 2477

Temos: 101

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras

Hey guys, With the Yahoo thing blowing up, I went back to check on all my older accounts. Saw a message from EL and said hell you guys are still around and Headed Back.

Glad to see SL back. Life, Kids, Jobs switches, Being back makes it all compress.

I also see that CIDG will just boot a guy if he hasn't been active in a decade. ;-)

I will restart my old mission of claiming - - - I have to retake 23 old HW's with max defense that floated away. I can't promise to be the Most active player, but I'll be as steady as I can...

Oh and if I am Banking for you and you are still active. Let me know. If not I am probably going to need some ships of my own to bank on until I'm back up to snuff.

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My Brain is hung like a horse :P
14th Sep

ReaperOfSoulsPaskelbta: 14:02:38 2016 12 18

Pranešimai: 224

Temos: 10

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras

Welcome back Mr. Bert.

Previous Aliases:
JR Scovill
Future SL Ruler
Reaper Of Souls
Reaper Of Souls2

Tom BomadialPaskelbta: 17:27:38 2016 12 18

Pranešimai: 412

Temos: 70

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras

Good to see you back!

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Cajin Von Sian IIPaskelbta: 17:37:40 2016 12 18

Pranešimai: 70

Temos: 22

Valstybė: Angola

Lytis: Vyras

Welcome back, if you need anything let me.... wait 25 HWs left, you ought to be well enough off, happy hunting ;)

watupdoggPaskelbta: 17:50:45 2016 12 18

Pranešimai: 2391

Temos: 346

Valstybė: Portugal

Lytis: Vyras

Bert, Glad to see all is well! and yes still banking with you!

zyxPaskelbta: 23:21:53 2016 12 18

Pranešimai: 1965

Temos: 80

Valstybė: Lithuania

Lytis: Vyras

Hi Bert!

If Fortune turns ass to you - kick that ass...

ZerohoursPaskelbta: 04:07:32 2016 12 19

Pranešimai: 2348

Temos: 268

Valstybė: Canada

Lytis: Vyras


I am here to help in anyway I can! Let's have fun!

FORTRANshadowPaskelbta: 09:23:32 2016 12 19

Pranešimai: 352

Temos: 17

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras

Welcome Back!

WizardroPaskelbta: 12:38:34 2016 12 20

Pranešimai: 434

Temos: 99

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras


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Gold RushPaskelbta: 18:48:02 2016 12 22

Pranešimai: 2945

Temos: 381

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras

Hey Bert!

A True Underdog

Alpha CodePaskelbta: 13:41:59 2017 01 09

Pranešimai: 12051

Temos: 241

Valstybė: United Kingdom

Lytis: Vyras

you were banking for me bert.. if it still exists anyway. i forgot the coords as it's been nearly 10years since i've been to them haha. you are free to the resources on them though. :)

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