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TarogStarPaskelbta: 20:53:30 2016 09 30

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Lytis: Vyras

LTC was quite the powerhouse for so long. Without them the galaxy seems so quiet. Maybe the galaxy really does need a group to declare war on everyone else to help make it all exciting again. At various times I've been part of the Swarm, Apocalypse, the Underdogs and others over the past 12 years. I always imagined Saint Baakra as this beautiful double agent. I had really hoped she had changed sides, but that back stabbing move was so awful... Yes thanks for reviving the history, it is my account's birthday this month :D.

Nothing can stop the SWARM!

In memory of the Underdogs.

ReaperOfSoulsPaskelbta: 21:38:17 2016 09 30

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Happy 12 year anniversary Tarog! You're right I think constant war with LTC drove the game back then. Now it has become Solo-lords. In due time I see some excitement coming back to this game, in due time :sly:

Previous Aliases:
JR Scovill
Future SL Ruler
Reaper Of Souls
Reaper Of Souls2

ZerohoursPaskelbta: 20:33:30 2016 10 27

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Quote from Google:

"People also ask
What is a veiled threat?
a veiled threat, warning, attack, reference etc is expressed so that its exact meaning is hidden or unclear : His speech is being seen as a veiled attack on asylum-seekers. 'I'm impressed,' said Greg, with thinly veiled (=only slightly hidden) sarcasm."

I am here to help in anyway I can! Let's have fun!

Alpha CodePaskelbta: 10:49:47 2016 11 29

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Started in SC Academy, then AiDG, CiDG and a flurry in IDG Elite Force. Then went back to Space Cowboys and have been there ever since.

On an amusing note last time i checked i still have some bank transport held for me by Bert2 on the outskirts on the universe that been there for a good 11years.

Wisdom is the knowledge gained through your own mind, intelligence is knowledge passed on by anothers

The Falling Fist

I'm a Priest God never paid

Never avoid temptation, as you get older, IT will avoid you.

Bert2Paskelbta: 07:02:45 2016 12 18

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, Well my profile kinda of tells my stories... and on another amusing note, I know, I've got like 7 pages of Banks ships still floating out there for various people. :pie:

Was Skylords Main banker
Ex-Doggpound Member
Ex-Redrum Member
Ex-EidG member / banker
Ex-CidG / IDG Elite Force member
Ex-AidG Leader / Banker
Ex-Shikshiena Progress Clan
Ex-Shikshiena Jrs Clan Leader

My Brain is hung like a horse :P
14th Sep

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