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Autorius: Nim

Tema pradėta: 17:56:50 2016 03 26

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NimPaskelbta: 17:56:50 2016 03 26

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I'm looking for some clarification on how probing works in-game. If I read the 'Mission' outline correctly, it seems that when upgraded, probes have a range of 400 and a basic range of 160 without upgrades.

1) Does this mean that probes have a 400 range on the x, y, and z coordinates?

2) What are the dimensions of the 'edge' of the universe? I tried to find the outer boundaries by typing '99999' on all the axes, but for some reason the hyperjump feature wouldn't work when doing this.

I'm writing a basic script that would give me all the basic coordinate combinations for launching a probe starting from a chosen area in the universe, and ending at another chosen area of the universe.

So essentially what I have right now returns something like this:

calc_probe_regions -start 2000 2000 2000 -end 3000 3000 3000


Could someone provide some feedback on whether this looks okay for probing an area effectively?

PS: I'm aware that there are various more combinations that I didn't show such as 2400:2400:2000, etc., but I just wanted to keep this brief.

Cajin Von Sian IIPaskelbta: 21:50:41 2016 03 26

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Want to have 800 distance between them since scans 400 in each direction, so basically an 800 wide cube. Current SP spawning area of the universe is 10,000 in each direction

NimPaskelbta: 23:07:18 2016 03 26

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Great, thank you very much!

ReaperOfSoulsPaskelbta: 00:44:23 2016 03 27

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The edge of the universe is 32767:32767:32767.
The edge of the possible planet zone is 12000:12000:12000
The edge of the SP Confederation drop zone is 10000:10000:10000

To probe the entire planet zone it would take you just under 30,000 probes at a cost of:
G 223,432,500
I 2,979,100
H 2,979,100
Which would take about 160 days to produce with 50 20x planets.

Also remember that you're currently in the noob arena. All probing you do there will only provide coordinates for in there. Once you enter the real arena you will be finding the coordinates for the rest of the players and SP Confederation. If I were you I'd just probe your area for the SP Confederation planets dropped for you then wait to probe the real arena.

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Tom BomadialPaskelbta: 07:26:01 2016 03 28

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Each planet also detects planets with in a 1000 sector range. So the probes need to start at 1400 from the known planet if owned.

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