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Temos pavadinimas: Diplomacy of Zero (Paprasta tema)

Autorius: Zerohours

Tema pradėta: 18:44:51 2015 10 31

Pranešimai: 0

ZerohoursPaskelbta: 18:44:51 2015 10 31

Pranešimai: 2371

Temos: 273

Valstybė: Canada

Lytis: Vyras

All NAPs are cancelled effective Nov. 2.

When I first started playing I was looking for a NAP with everyone to avoid making active players uninterested in the game as well as for mutual growth. I feel as though this has taken the wrong direction and has made me very passive.

I am not going to go to all the coords I have now and take them. That would be unfair. I will only be taking planets I find through he warp/nearby for now. I am not going after any active HWs at this time either. I just want to keep people on their toes and make it more interesting. As well as when I take SPCs if I find something juicy to not have to leave it.

Again, same as Dogg. Nothing in particular I just want to open things up a bit.

I am here to help in anyway I can! Let's have fun!

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