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Temos pavadinimas: ApocaLTC? (Paprasta tema)

Autorius: Zerohours

Tema pradėta: 15:21:21 2015 10 29

Pranešimai: 7 Paskutinis pranešimas: 06:59:23 2015 10 31. Autorius nosferatu

ZerohoursPaskelbta: 15:21:21 2015 10 29

Pranešimai: 2371

Temos: 273

Valstybė: Canada

Lytis: Vyras

7 out of the last 12 rounds have been won by Apocalypse.
I just want to open up a discussion. Is Apocalypse the new clan to beat? Are the recent acquisitions to the clan family exciting and spurring activity or skewing the playing field?
Does it not matter?
Just getting a feel for the waters since it has been awhile for me.

I am here to help in anyway I can! Let's have fun!

TweakerPaskelbta: 17:08:42 2015 10 29

Pranešimai: 1999

Temos: 319

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras

Most cost effective players are in Apoc.

There are little fish swimming about but they couldn't team up together to beat a score like what Clan Apocalypse has currently at this time in the game.

Just my thoughts.

-=Mercenary inDaGalaxy=-

|,,| <(^.^)> |,, /

Tom BomadialPaskelbta: 07:48:48 2015 10 30

Pranešimai: 420

Temos: 74

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras

The clan with the most active players are in Apoc!
Well about all the players are in Apoc!
It needs to be remembered that we have seldom been the aggressors in this game and as a result have few enemies. Couple that with an extensive collection of known hw's it means that possible retaliation is very likely.
Some of the former leading clans got there by taking advantage of new comers. While Apoc has been a clan that has given new players a chance.

"Is not easily provoked"
It is not good to wake a sleeping bear

FORTRANshadowPaskelbta: 08:46:44 2015 10 30

Pranešimai: 361

Temos: 17

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras

This month is impressive in how many players have scores >100K. Nice job, Apoc!

Cajin Von Sian IIPaskelbta: 12:58:35 2015 10 30

Pranešimai: 70

Temos: 22

Valstybė: Angola

Lytis: Vyras

Instead of Apocaltc could say Apocalith :) just have to get rid of "y pse"... which is sort of like why peace... which could mean we need to go to war... though I believe we are still warring with the inactives

Eternal LightPaskelbta: 15:20:19 2015 10 30

Pranešimai: 1668

Temos: 173

Valstybė: United Kingdom

Lytis: Vyras

7 of the past 12 rounds have been won by Apoc purely because other players have chosen not to contend. I was for a long time the most active player in SL, but for awhile now I've chosen to take a different approach to the game and I've had alot of changes to my life in the past 2 years. Maybe things will spice up again for a period of time.

The night is dark and full of terrors

ZerohoursPaskelbta: 15:40:12 2015 10 30

Pranešimai: 2371

Temos: 273

Valstybė: Canada

Lytis: Vyras

Excuses ;)

I am here to help in anyway I can! Let's have fun!

nosferatuPaskelbta: 06:59:23 2015 10 31

Pranešimai: 25

Temos: 3

Valstybė: Lithuania

Lytis: Vyras

little active players

03:36:51 | Hunted Shadow planet Den of Shadows has been captured by nosferatu, Apocalypse
Total defense:62,349,000

04:11:41 | Egis planet 0A3 has been captured by nosferatu, Apocalypse.
Total defense: 65,001,230

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