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Eternal LightPaskelbta: 10:18:29 2015 09 17

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"Those of you still here, what about this game is fun and appealing? What do you enjoy logging in and doing?"


I log in purely out of habit these days and to add to the number of people here.

The night is dark and full of terrors

Lakamar SinjiPaskelbta: 10:26:59 2015 09 23

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Interesting thread to come back to.... don't think I've logged on in many months and was wondering who is still around...

Promoting friendship and harmony throughout the galaxy

Join the faith of the :tiger:

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Gold RushPaskelbta: 00:18:08 2015 09 29

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Im kinda with EL. Nothing is keeping me drawn here. Especially since LTC disband. About 20-50 more players joining or several vets returning and remaining active would probably draw more of my attention to SL.

Ive always enjoyed this game and find myself coming back, only because I have HWs that have let me stay around. If I was to get defeated at this point, id probably call it quits. Sad to think, knowing what this game use to be. Iir and everyone here has great ideas but he obviously dosent have the time to dedicate to getting things up and going again/fixed again. I do what I think a lot of people do, at least doggpund members. That's log in gather, keep a few planets and throw back some resources with hopes of SL eventually becoming as fun to play as the old days.

A True Underdog


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