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1) Swearing will not be tolerated, all posts or topics that contain swearing will be deleted.

2) No spamming, if there is a topic that contains too much spam it will be deleted.
Its annoying to many players and slows down the server so dont spam.

3) Keep posts related to the topic.

4) Any topics irrelevant to the forum will be deleted or moved.

5) Topics that are three weeks or older will be deleted.

6) All posts must be in English.

7) The purpose of this forum is to find any type of planets and coords.
Any other topics are meant for either general, trading, new players, diplomacy, betting, off topic, and support forums.

8) If you are having problems with people constantly spamming your topic, you may ask for the spam to be deleted or request a topic lock with your reasoning.

9) In your hunting topic please include player name, reason for hunting, and how much you will pay per planet or hw.

10) If you have any problems, questions, or concerns please do not pm the moderators.
Use the MODERATOR COMPLAINTS/REQUESTS topic below this for that.

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