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Temos pavadinimas: For the Benifit of New/Forgetful/Senile Players (Labai svarbi tema)

Autorius: Dios

Tema pradėta: 11:07:08 2005 11 11

Pranešimai: 1 Paskutinis pranešimas: 13:37:10 2006 02 10. Autorius Hunted Shadow

DiosPaskelbta: 11:07:08 2005 11 11

Pranešimai: 2511

Temos: 165

Valstybė: United Kingdom

Lytis: Vyras

Common abbreviations of Player and Clan Names


AiDG: Anarchy in Da Galaxy
Apoc: Apocalpyse
CiDG: Chaos in Da Galaxy
GoO: Gods of Olympus
GoO: Gods of Olympus 2
IDG EF: iDG Elite Force
Wraith OR SQ: Lithasaurs Wraith sq
LTC: LT Confederation
LTR: LT Republic
OG: Old Generals
SI: Shadow Industries
SC: Space Cowboys
TC: Training Camp
TS: The Swarm
TU: The Underhogs
USC: US Confederation


BPM: Bpmsac (Former Leader of iDG Elite Force)***
CD: Chaotic Dios (Diplomacy Forum Moderator)**
CF: Commander Fox (Leader of Gods of Olympus)***
CJ: Calamity Jane (Co-Leader of The Syndicate)***
Cyd: Cydonia (Leader of Chaos in da Galaxy)***
Dogg: Watupdogg (Leader of TheSwarm)
GV: Griffin Vengance (Leader of Anarchy in da Galaxy)
HS: Hunted Shadow (Leader of Shadow Industries and Diplomacy Forum Moderator)
Iiri: Iiridyan (General Forum Moderator and Game programmer)
Kot: Kotica (Support Forum Moderator)
Max: MadMax1967 (Co-Leader of The Syndicate)***
Meh: Mehdec (Leader of US Confederation)
MS: Midnight Striker (Leader of iDG Elite Force)
Neggy: Ice Shardz (Uncommon Abbreviation)
Prof: Professor (Game owner and Global Moderator)
SD: SwimmerDude62 (Co-Leader of The Syndicate)***
SF: Smartfox (Leader of LT Confederation)
SS: Shadow Stalker (General, New Players, Diplomacy, Trading forum Moderator)
TS: TarogStar (Co-Leader of Armageddon)***
Twist/TX: TwisterX (Leader of Old Generals and Diplomacy Forum Moderator)

*Player abbreviations are of Moderators and Clan owners only. Other players would take too long for me to do ;) However names can be added on a PM request.

**Now known as Dios, leaving abbreviation up for thsoe who don't notice name change.

***Left for historic value, are either no long leaders of mentioned clans or mentioned clans do not exist...

Make your move, reindeer games.

Hunted ShadowPaskelbta: 13:37:10 2006 02 10

Pranešimai: 1605

Temos: 160

Valstybė: United States

Lytis: Vyras

Updated, abbreviations for all clans, whether in common usage on the forums or not, sorry if the asterisks are hard to differentiaite between...

Souls Can Be Shattered.
Lives Can Be Lost.
But Shadows Will Stay,
The Only Hope Against The LighT

The Fight against the Oppression Continues

I am the Anti-Zygi
My fact is opinion.

R.I.P. Grandma and Grandpa
I love you both

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