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Temos pavadinimas: Guide To Diplomacy (Svarbi tema)

Autorius: Hunted Shadow

Tema pradėta: 17:53:47 2005 10 23

Pranešimai: 6 Paskutinis pranešimas: 08:43:51 2009 07 21. Autorius Sixteencold

Hunted ShadowPaskelbta: 17:53:47 2005 10 23

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This is for everyone who is unsure of Diplomatic Ties, what clans are all about etc.

A. Joining a Clan

To join a clan follow the below steps:

1. Private Message (PM) the appropriate clan leader, requesting (and not demanding) the password to their clan. If they send it back, continue:
2. Go to the Diplomacy tab on the top row of buttons.
3. Find the clan you're joining and click "join" (it is to the right side of the page)
4. Type the password into the box and press "join"
5. If the password does not work report the problem to the appropriate clan leader and await response
6. Do not demand anything while following these steps, this will only lower your likelyhood of entering along with the esteem the clan leader has for you. If you are exceptionally rude you may even find yourself hunted.

B. Creating a Clan

Do NOT do this unless you are an experienced player. There is a RARE occasion that a "newbie" clan survives to make it big, but this tends to not be the case. If you really MUST create a clan (be warned, it will annoy many players, it is better to apply to join a clan) here are the steps:

1. Go to Diplomacy
2. Click "Create A Clan" (or something along those lines)
3. Type in the name of the clan and the password and click "Create"

C. Applying for NAPs with other players

1. PM the player you wish to have a NAP with requesting a NAP and explaining why you deserve one. Never demand one, this never works. Many people have demanded a NAP with me, none have ever recieved one and a few were hunted (even though I never publicly bought their coords).
2. If the player responds with a "no", accept it and move on. Pestering them for a NAP will not make them favor you.
3. If the player accepts, add them to whatever list you have and DO NOT ATTACK THEM.

D. Cancelling a NAP

There are only two official ways to cancel a NAP:

1. Through posting in the Diplomacy forum that you are cancelling your NAP(s) with a certain/multiple players.
2. To PM the players you wish to cancel your NAP with specifically stating you ARE cancelling the NAP.
It is best to do both to be sure.

In addition, most NAPs have break clauses in which you may not attack until __ hours after the cancellation.

E. The General Understanding of NAPs

NAPs (Non-Aggression Pacts, No Attack Pacts, No Aggression Pacts, etc.) usually follow similar guidelines to the ones listed below:

☻ No attacking of planets or ships
☻ No selling or giving of coords of the NAPed person
☻ Cancellation period of 24 hours

Other guidelines may be chosen, this list is not the list everyone uses.

Other vets please feel free to add with whatever you want :) (helpful only though, please)

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Duo MaxwellPaskelbta: 09:07:26 2006 02 11

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Not bad, HS.

However, one thing you might want to include is the art of discretion.

Advanced Diplomatic Strategies: (These are all to be used in moderation)
♦ When searching for a NAP, do not send them off to random players, even if they are good. Getting too many NAP's will gurantee your getting stuck behind friendly lines, and leave enemies wide-open for invading you, not to mention if you send it off to someone who resides in +++ : ---- : +++ and you live in ---- : +++ : ---- They are not exactly going to be bothering you anytime soon.

♦ If someone has just attacked you, do not immediately ask for a NAP. For one, it shows weakness and they will never agree to it. Second, you will lose major planets before they decide to even respond, and may not agree even then. If you truly wish to get their respect, when they capture some of yours, be the fighter and try to reclaim what was yours, and maybe a little more (Have a little fun ]:-) ). But when a stalemate of obliteration on planets occurs, it is usually a good idea to ask for a NAP before you completely cripple each other and die from something as trivial as showing who is boss.

♦ In the event someone declares war on you, do not panic and ask for a cease fire immediately. As said above, this will show weakenss and they will never agree. (This is different in a clan, as I found. In the case of being a clan leader and someone starts rampaging on your members' planets, you should IMMEDIATELY ask for them to stop, otherwise people will see you as a weak leader and lack compassion for the "not-so-godly" players) What you should do in war (Only follow this if you wish to have peace with this person) is attack and reclaim what they take, and any other planets YOU find of theirs. If you start buying their coordinates, they will most likely never agree to diplomatic relations and war will go on for a month or so.

My tips and how I got through SL for a year without being defeated :] Now that my secrets are out, read up. :D

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Battlefield 2Paskelbta: 18:15:43 2009 07 09

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NAP's wat are they?

hehehe i play hockey i stay up till midnight so barely anyone catches me off guard HA HA HA I WILL KILL AL IN CLASS B

Shadow StalkerPaskelbta: 19:18:43 2009 07 09

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Non Aggression Pact
Non Attack Policy
Non Aggrevating Potato
Something you have when your tired

many different things but all mean the same you dont attack anyone you have a nap with

It's allways been my fault

Battlefield 2Paskelbta: 15:06:29 2009 07 10

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lolz non aggrevating potato LOL :D

hehehe i play hockey i stay up till midnight so barely anyone catches me off guard HA HA HA I WILL KILL AL IN CLASS B

ZerohoursPaskelbta: 04:20:33 2009 07 11

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Hmmm, Not having to call the next day as opposed to not attacking after a nap together...seems fair enough.

I am here to help in anyway I can! Let's have fun!

SixteencoldPaskelbta: 08:43:51 2009 07 21

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lol... you call? :stupid:

Sup Bitches!

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