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Temos pavadinimas: Formula For Clan Choice (Svarbi tema)

Autorius: Hunted Shadow

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Hunted ShadowPaskelbta: 16:34:37 2004 10 24

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This is for all New Players....


Instead apply to a clan that rates how you wish it to according to this system:
(Points/Members)/1,000-(1*Number of Members With Zero Points)

To get all this information go to these to sites: Of Possible Clan Here) Of Possible Clan Here)

Old example (for historical purposes :)):
Shadow Industries
(74,901/10)/1000-(1*0) = 7.5 (Rounded)

For most clans you should get a number under 10, but if you try this on a clan like Harmonic Balance, you'll get a number above 50.

<0 = Completely Inactive, Do Not Join!
0-1 = A Good Clan To Begin With!
1-6.5 = A Good Clan To Apply For, Although You'll Have To Apply Yourself
6.5-10 = Wait A While, Then Apply
10-40 = Find Out If They Have A Junior Clan And Look Into That
40+ = Make It A Long Term Goal

New example:
Shadow Industries (I've always made basic example from my home clan so don't say I'm biased :))
(123,807/15)/1000-(1*0) = 8.25 (Rounded)

For most clans you should get a number under 15 (times have changed), but if you try this on a clan like LT Confederation you will get a number somewhere around 50-100.

This is best used around 2/3 of the way into a round! At the beginning of a round all clans will have basically no points, at the very end, they will have many if they are a major clan, as they will be competing for first place

The scale applies to junior clans, also.

The scale is for use by new players.

Also, see "Important Advice for New Players", the other sticky topic.

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Duo MaxwellPaskelbta: 01:14:37 2005 07 28

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