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2007 02 05

I woke up this morning with the blaire of alarms in my barraks. OKAY EVERYONE MAN YOUR STATIONS GOGOGO!!!!!!! When i reached my anti-aircraft turret I didn't see any ships, but there were tergets all over my radar screen. Suddenly I heard "Invisable ships, abandone turrets and get personal". I rushed out of my turrret and sprinted toward the barraks when suddenly an ear splitting CRACK!! of high power fusion cannons. I was nearly dlown off my very feet! I recovered quickly though and resumed getting my wepon at a double fast pace. When i reached the barraks i selected a high energy bolt action rifle that could not only nail from a distance but was fully automatic. I ruched out to rejoin the troops in the bunckers. What i saw there still haunts me to shis day...After about 3 days of continus battle our forces srarted to wear thin. we had lost 34000 good men and 57000 more were badly wounded. Our hopes were wearing thin as another enemy dropship removed its cloak. Suddenly a blinding flash of light and we saw 14 titanic ships falling out of orbit. All of our men and thiers stoped and looked and what we saw was amazing, 1000 fighters were sending in WRP's (wide radious progectiles) And even though they couldn't see them they were hitting them. The ground troops scattered back into thier transports and fled the system. Captian Brian Onasi

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