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Pagal Naltsa Abe

2006 01 24

Ah Demeter, once the finest planet in the Empire, Rebels managed to take the planet and hold it… until the empire took them out, Capturing Demeter gave them access to all of our old technology, Deemers managed to change our technology enough to make the empires new armour useless, and our armour effective.

After the command post on Astlan outpost fell the empires troops collapsed and we were able to secure the planet. Deemers and his Koala’s managed to put into orbit a series of Space stations strong enough to counter the first counter attack, but the Empire is using Demeter as a staging post and we will eventually fall.

So the top brass have got us on the counter attack, we are to attack Demeter, I am to Lead the first wave of Soldiers onto the planet, I am in charge of 250 men, a small landing crew, we are to set up a teleport and secure a small area for reinforcements, luck permitting we get past the AA Guns

From where we will have to see how it goes, depending on how many men survive the first wave, we may expand, we may hold, or we may die.

Well the attack is secluded to take place in 7 hours time I’ll let you know how it goes…..

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