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Pagal The Warrior

2005 10 06

The young warrior Deemers was out looking for a quest. Wandering between galaxies and other dimensions. He Travelled for years until he found an old science lab. He flew his ship into the science lab. There was an old man in white waving Deemers over. Deemers looked behind him but kept walking forward. the old man told Deemers that he needed some iron to create a new ship he had been working on. Deemers flew away in search for some iron. he came to a factory. Once again he flew his ship inside. There were hundreds of men working. Deemers walked around slowly watching his back. A young lady called Cydiona popped out. Deemers was stunned. He quickly took his hat off and bowed down. Cydiona asked Deemeres What can i do for you. Deemers said proudly I am looking for some iron have i came to the right place? Cydiona Laughed you have indeed follow me. Deemers was soon on his way again back to the broken up lab. Deemers walked in to see the old man's leg half chewed and his head with no brain. Deemers quickly wiped out his sword and wandered about until something jumped out of the shadows...

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