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Pagal Colton24

2009 06 20

The Empire of Aruielia, was one of the greatest and most peaceful empires in the galaxy. Then one day the Rebublic of Lasaeth attacked........
Transmission start: th-this is Crux Lasaeth is advancing fast on the capital we must defend Griswall at all costs. Fly boys watch out for the Airborne Fortresses S-.........................................Transmission lost.
Sergeant Grim looked at the orders, this was impossible, Lasaeth had over 100K troops but Aruielia's defence of the captial numbered only 20K. He asked his CO bout the orders,"what is with these orders we cant win against them its impos-"
"RED ALERT HERE THEY COME". Sirens were going off all over the place Grim started running to the trench that the squad he commanded was in. in seconds MGs were blazing aircraft were fighting and ships were shelling. Grim was looking right down the sight and blowing Lasaeth soldier's heads off left and right. soon they were overwhelming the trench but Grim and his squad kept fighting vailaintly finally Lasaeth fell back abandoning the attempt to capture all of Aruelia and its capital planet Griswall. Sergeant Grim was promoted to Master Sergeant and given the Medal of Honor with a V for Valor. Aruelia is now the capital of peace and nutural to all planets and a new universal law that says no planet can attack the Capital of Peace's empire.

The End

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