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Pagal Lord Hood

2009 05 21

When the United Nations Space Command Defense force were colonizing planets for colonies, they found the Covenant, a virulent and destructive race with majorities of conquered alien species: Jakals: a type of creature that holds a gauntlet and a plasma pistol, an Elite: called Sanghelli by the Brutes, the Elites did very well to defend their planet and found destructively with their Forerunner Dreadnought. Hunter: known as Lekgolo with these worm-type of slings that work as one massive body to kill the humans, they wield a powerful Fuel-Rod Cannon in their left arm and a heavy shield that they melee with on their right. Drone: these insect like creatures that only have four arms and also wield both a needler and also too a plasma pistol. Ungoy known as Grunts, are treated disloyal by every species in the Covenant. The Brutes known as Jeralhenee, are very big and aggressive creatures, they have a mix of red and purple blood in their bodies. Prophets, these lower prophets are too part of the Covenant. These high rulers are below the higher Prophets. Hirearchs known as the Higher Prophets of the Covenant, these virulent leaders are only three: Prophet Truth, a deluded and higher prophet than his brothers. Prophet Regret, young and yet very still and stiff and bent on activating the Halo Array. Prophet Mercy, very old and yet very predictive and was born before Truth and Regret. Lord Hood made an effective blow against the Covenant with an armada of oblivion and marathon class cruisers by using only their MAC cannons. these initials stand for Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. these destructive weapons can destroy a Covenant Cruiser clean off the face of the galaxy when they face the Super MAC cannon. The Year is 2552 and the Pillar of Autumn escaped from the Covenant's grasp. Reach was destroyed and they don't know where they are. All they know is that there is a ring station in orbit above the gas planet and they are facing Covenant assaults by the covenant using their boarding craft. The Master Chief, thought to be the last Spartan fought his way to the Bridge where he met Captain Keyes who told him to keep Cortana out of the Covenant's grasp. When Master Chief got to the escape pod, they landed on the Ring and they went to search for survivors. Cortana found out that alot of Pillar of Autumn's crew made it off and onto the ring. Her bad news to the Chief was that Captain Keyes and the entire surviving Command Crew had been captured. They went inside the Covenant Cruiser ship frigate was disabled while they were still aboard the Pillar of Autumn was hovering 300 feet above the plateau. When they got to the Gravity lift, they had to face assaults coming from inside the cruiser. While they were about to get inside, the Hunters came out and faced them with their fuel rod cannons. when they killed them off, Cortana and the platoon called in for Reinforcements from Echo-419 a colored person who got her degree in driving and commanding a pelican. They got inside and had to face elites with Energy Swords. These types of Elites are invisible. After the encounter with the elites, Master Chief got to the control bridge of the cruiser and finally found Captain keyes and found out that the elites that were gaurding Captain Keyes and the rest of the Marines were talking about the Ring and said that they called it Halo. Cortana told Captain Keyes that Halo is som sort of Super-Weapon. Keyes said that the eleites kept saying that whoever controls Halo controls the fate of the Universe. Cortana also intercepted a number of scouts trying to find Halo's Control Room.
the next part will be very nasty so I'll try to make the next story but until then I'll wait a month or two to make the next story.

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