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Pagal el fubbo

2007 02 05

*shchhhcschh* Come in Alpha 5! To your posts! Was how i started my day. We were under a surprise siege but surprisingly enough, the enemy had benn attacking the outer planets. I started off at a brisk pace tward the hanger when suddenly there were men screaming "AHHH!!!" and "HELP!!!!". I started running when suddenly I saw a band of 50 or 60 botusks, humainoid like creatures with savege instincts with a gun. I drew my DL.stoucker sniper rifle and sterted to oick them off 1 by 1. The others soon drew thier guns also. Once they were dead we started to get into our ships but then a botusk flagship apeared out of the hyper dimension. We managed to scramble 37 ships before they beamed a nuclear warhead into our hanger. It was terrible, i was on the other side of the hanger when it happened but i could tell that the devestation was terrible. Soon they sterded beaming scores of troops onto the surface. Our men faught vaillently but I saw many fall to the beasts monstrous instincts. We had to get off the planet so a invisable ship hyper jumped over and evacuated all the remaining troops. That was the fate of Duxon. This is Captian Brian Onasi 34th armed marines.

war stories...

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