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Pagal Commander Fox

2005 06 24

Yeah, so there we were, on the Holy Terra of Zemba, a major city-planet in a distant branch of the Multiverse, and I was assigned to Squad Davis and Squad Corrasco.
Any way, we were just warned over the Rasdio that a few dropships were inbound to our position. We were ready for them, or so it seemed. When they breached the lower atmosphere, we began to open fire, and to our suprise we destroyed one of the four before they touched down. That's when the ground troops poured out. Of course, who we were up against was classified, lest some of the boys turned to run. We began to realise the insignia painted on the sides of the dropships, the SP Confederation, our most feared enemy. They may seem like they are harmless, until we colide on foot ant the swords come out and start spillin' guts. They walk like a man, and look like a man from a distance, but when you have close combat expeirience like me, you will know the truth. Those beings are far from what any can have a nightmare about. Well any way, we knew we were to be over run, but it's not like Davis or Corrasco to run away in fear, no matter what the enemy. We must have dropped at least a hundred enemies with our combat rifles, but they eventually over ran our trench. That's where the fun turned a little more frightening. I watched Jenkins call for reinforcements, but Squad Osbourn had matters of their own, as I assumed when gunfire rattled in the background of his transmission. So we drew our swords and killed some enmies, and began to get scared and sad, though I hate to admit it. I watched the boys in Corrasco's Squad go down withought much of a chance and watched those things eat the bodies. We were losing our position at the Holy Terra, and Squad Davis was slowly dieing. I watched those men fight to the death and eventually, they were butchered under the murderously sharp swords. I remember swinging a decapitation blow at one, and even headless, the body still fought for a little while. Then it lunged, and I was so confused I didn't have time to parry the blow. I flet the cold steel slice through my chest, and exit out my back. I can't remember if I screamed or not. I fult blood rush down my armour and mat my fur. then I passed out. When I awoke, I was in the medical bay of a transport ship. How I survived, I do not know. I later learned that Osbourn and the boys of Squad Sheen survived, well, kinda. That's when I grew to fear and hate them, those foul things of the Sp Confederation, so beware...

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